Guyatone Rolly Phase Sonix PT2

Finally found the time to finish this phaser. Replaced the electrolytics,  adjusted bias for the fets and it sounds as good as new. I really like the off board wiring done to it. Shielded wires for everything in the signal path. 

The opamps have sanded but they are all seem to be LM1458:s. 

The bypass switch is a nice, non-clickinging type. Never encountered them before. It’s not wired for true bypass.

The pedal works of a 9VDC battery but also have a DC jack, though the circuit uses +/- 4,5VDC from the power source so it can’t be daisy chained.


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  1. Hi,
    Just found your website. Great stuff.
    I picked up a Guyatone rolly phase sonic on eBay. The footswitch works, turns effect on & off, but the LED is always permanently on. Can I ask is this the same on yours? I was told by the seller that this was meant to be the case but there are videos on YouTube we’re it definitely turns off.

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