Fuzzy sound based on the Colorsound Supa Tonebender. Running silicone diodes with switchable germanium diodes as an option.



Here’s a nice fuzzy circuit I built. Based on Deviever The Soda Meiser and  The Torn’s Peaker.  I did not do the circuitboardlayout for this one but for those who like to try it there’s a DIY projectfile here.

Custom Fuzz

The Pjotr Eastman Fuzz is a one of kind custombuilt  Tonebender circuit with NPN silicon transistors. The artwork belongs to Cynthia Blair. The pedal was a birthday present for my brother.

Fat Moose
Fat Moose is a simple two knob low gain overdrive with a switch to move the mids. Björn has contributed with soundclips.

Zenabi SM-9
A clone of the Ibanez SM-9. An overdrivepedal with plenty of gain, nice mid control.


Nobels ODR-S
A clone of Nobels ODR-S. An overdrivepedal which I cloned from the original schematic, though I omitted the bypass switching.


Magic Drive
A simple two knob distortion pedal based on MXR:s Dist+. When the switch is in left posistion the circuit clips over two 1N4148:s, in it’s middle pos’ no diodes, + at the right pos there’s two AA144 and two 1N34 germanium diodes in a slight asymmetrical clipping.

Switch in left position

Switch in middle position

Switch in right position

Turtle Clipper
An op amp based clipper of my own design. Now it had it’s third design, new looks and a bit more bass. Bite adjusts the frequency before the both clipping stages, Tone adjusts after them. Thanks to Björn who has contributed with new soundclips.

Dr.Boogey is supposed to be an emulationof Mesa Boogies dual rectifier solo head. I used the project files from gaussmarkovs and redrew the circuitboard layout to suit my needs. The soundclips are not from my project, though it’s the same circuit.

Clone of a Klon
Well, a clone of a klon, made my own circuitboard layoutfor it, the one I found on the web did not suit me. Some adjustments were made after the soundfiles were recorded.

Joe Davisson’s Blackfire, a simple two knob transistor based overdrive. Didn’t like the sound of it so it’s a bit tweaked.

I’ve built two versions of this one, in the soundclip the first half is with 2pc 2N5458:s in the input stage, the other half is with J201:s.

Sweet Feets Distortion
A really nice distortion based around three AC127 germanium transistors.


A tubescreamer with symmetric/asymmetric clipping switch, truebypass. No soundclip.