Smart Loop

A looper with three “smart” loops,  each activated with a momentaraly switch wich kills the other active smart loop. Only one can be active at a time, all with a master truebypass switch. The other four loops are convential truebypassloops. Powered with 9VDC.

A clone of the Mu-Tron III. A wonderfull envelope filter with lots of settings. The soundclips are in different, rather extreme settings.


MXR envelope filter
A clone of the MXR:s filter. A bit moded in the frequency and it has a “reverse sweep” choice with the switch. No soundclip.

Mad Quacker
A nice yet simple envelope filter. It can be found on the web as Nurse Quacky, but I got my own circuitboard layout. The soundclip is not from my pedal.

A clone of Boss AC-2.

Boss SG-1
A clone of Boss slow gear.


Ross Compressor
I’ve tried two versions of this one, one like the original and one with a bright mod. To my ears the bright mod is the winner.