Boss DS-1 OD mod

Turning the Boss DS-1 into something more of an overdrive, giving it a more dynamic response. Changes are made to the transistor booster stage, OP-amp gain stage and the overall frequency respons. Check Thomas Ziden as he gives an somewhat unusual pedal demo.


Maestro PS-1A project update

This project got forgotten for many reasons, earlier posts can be found here and here. Had a look at the project files for the schematic and the layout. I had some changes made to the schematic, mostly around the PSU and the speed presets. I’ve decided to go for a single stompswitch to navigate through the three speeds in the LFO.

A picture of the layout Im gonna go with.

Maestro PS-1A


Boss bypass mod

Got a dead Boss DS-1 on the bench for repair and modification. I just had to replace the fried opamp and it was up and running. I was also told to mod the pedal in anyway I liked. Ever since I made the T-rex Mudhoney 2:nd stage mod the idea has been there to try something similar on a Boss or Ibanez pedal. So here it is on a Boss DS-1 pedal, the feature to choose a latching or momentary bypass.

Boss DS-1 latching or momentary bypass.

/Krister Östman

Colorsound Flanger

Now here’s a rare pedal I got on the bench, a Colorsound Flanger.

However in a no working condition, Looking at the guts I’d say there’s some work to be done if it will ever work again.

Beyond repair? Well normally I’d call it electronic junk but looking closer at the circuit board there’s is still one component that makes me want to give it a try, the rare Reticon SAD512D BBD IC.

If anyone sits on a schematic for this pedal and like to share it with me I’d be very happy.