Big-M is a two channel S-E combo. The clean channel houses a ECC-81 and a ECC82 tube. The dirt channel holds two ECC-83:s. Those are running to a single EL84.

Recorded with a strat with SC, miked against the cone. It has some software reverb added.

Recorded with a LP in both channels. Miked against the cone and a roommicrophone.

Snake Charmer
Snake charmer was my first big amplifier project. It has three ECC83:s in the preamp and two EL84:s in push pull as output.

The BlueHead is also a single-ended version. It has a 6111 as output tube. Needs some more tweaking.

Volume 100% strat minihumbucker

OrangeHead is a single ended version. It has a6112 in two gain stages and a 6021 as an output tube.

Volume 40% Singlecoil Strat

Volume 70% Singlecoil Strat

Volume 100% Humbucker Strat

My second project got named YellowHead. The same as the red on in the preamp but it works with a 6111 as output tube.

Volume 100% Humbucker Strat

Volume 70% Singlecoil Strat

My first project in this series got named RedHead. Inspired by the Nano Head I decided to do something similar. It has a 6112 double triode as a preamptube in two gainstages, and then a 6021 as output tube in push-pull. It’s powered by an external 12VDC adapter, which is internally converted to 165VDC. It has no semiconductors in the signalpath. I should add that it is not a clone of the Nano Head.

Volume 40% Singlecoil strat

Volume 70% Singlecoil strat

Volume 100% Humbucker strat

Volume 100% Humbucker LesPaul through 6″ cab