Boss DS-1 OD mod

Turning the Boss DS-1 into something more of an overdrive, giving it a more dynamic response. Changes are made to the transistor booster stage, OP-amp gain stage and the overall frequency respons. Check Thomas Ziden as he gives an somewhat unusual pedal demo.


Maestro PS-1A project update 2

Had the circuit board fabricated for the PSU and the presets controller populated.

Maestro PS-1A-controller
PSU and the presets controller

Testing the presets controller.


Maestro PS-1A project update

This project got forgotten for many reasons, earlier posts can be found here and here. Had a look at the project files for the schematic and the layout. I had some changes made to the schematic, mostly around the PSU and the speed presets. I’ve decided to go for a single stompswitch to navigate through the three speeds in the LFO.

A picture of the layout Im gonna go with.

Maestro PS-1A