Colorsound Supa Tonebender service

A Supa Tonebender in near mint condition, giving a very weak output signal.

Guts reveals what appears as all original.

Signal generator and a scopemeter isolated the problem to the bypass switch.

Not the typicall bypass switch construction. Note the date stamp 10 MAY 1976.

However a construction that is easy to service.

After a cleanupof the switch and the Radiohm potentiometers, the pedal is back in working condition.

Boss CE-2 chorus

My favorite chorus pedal the Boss CE-2 on the workbench for an ACA to PSA mod and a recap.

Boss CE-2

Solder side of the circuit board.

Boss CE-2

Component side.

Boss CE-2

For the ACA to PSA mod we want to remove D5 and R53 and jumper them.

Component side after the recap and ACA to PSA mod.

Boss CE-2