Tube amp channel switch

A new channel switching circuit board prepared for an old tube amp.

Tube amp channel switching
Tube amp channel switching

The plan is to fit it in this one.

Siemens Tube Amp
Siemens 6 S Ela 2427c


Power cord the wrong way

A word of warning. Never install your power cord like this!

Power cord
Power cord

Found it when replacing a bad power cord in an old amp. Had the new cord installed properly with the ground wire directly to the chassie ground.


Laney Klipp100 effects loop

Since the channel mod was made on the amp it saved a half 12AX7 preamp valve. Decided to use it as gain recovery stage and add an effects loop to the amp.

Effects loop Laney Klipp100
Effect loop Laney Klipp100


Laney Klipp100 channel mod.

Adding some optocouplers and making the klipp and the normal input selectable. Using either the switch on the front panel or remotable with a foot switch,

Laney Klipp100 channel switching
New circuit board with optocouplers added

The front panel of the amp with the new hardware added. switching with the remote input.

Channel switching


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