Custom paint job ZOOM MS-70CDR

Got a ZOOM Multispomp MS-70CDR on the workbench for a custom paint job.

Zoom MS-70CDR customizing

Opening it up we see that it consists of six circuit boards. One for each set of 6,3mm jacks, two for the for the switches and one for the pots .

Zoom MS-70CDR guts
ZOOM MS-70CDR guts

The motherboard holding the ZFX-3 DSP.

Zoom MS-70CDR guts

Everything removed but the display and the mechanical parts for the switches.

Zoom MS-70CDR guts
ZOOM MS-70CDR guts

Finally the chassie with everything removed.

Zoom MS-70CDR chassie
ZOOM MS-70CDR chassie


4 Replies to “Custom paint job ZOOM MS-70CDR”

  1. Hi, you inspired me to try a glittery gold paint job on my MS-70, great job! I can’t seem to get the switches out though, it’s the last piece! Do I just need to use a little more force with tweezers to pull the plastic buttons from the top of the device then the rest will follow? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. As I remember the tops are pulled of. There’s a collar underneath that is snapped in, those are easy to break. Good luck!

  2. Hi, I’m trying to paint my pedal as well. You did such an awesome job!
    I’m stuck at removing the foot switch however. Was wondering if you remember how you removed it in your last photo? Thanks.

    1. Hello John.
      It’s some sort of rivet. I used a plier to get the straighten it and then managed to get it out. When mounting it back I used a center punch and a hammer to fasten it. Hope it helps. /Krister

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