Patch 2000 project completed

So it was time to get the power supply mounted in the enclosure for the Steiner Microcon Syntheziser. Power inlet, transformer, rectifier and so on. A pretty tight fit but it all went well.

My main concern was that due to the tight fit, I would have transformer hum picked up in the audio path. I must admit it felt god firing it up and realizing there was no interfearence from the powersupply.

Chassie with transformer and PSU electronics. As seen I mounted a fused powerinlet with built in main switch and a poweroutlet for the Ampeg Patch 2000 pedal.

Steiner Microcon

Steiner Microcon

A picture of the unit mounted

Steiner Microcon

Here’s the complete setup all hooked up for testing

Hagström,Ampeg Patch2000

And a video