Ampeg/Hagström Patch2000 service

This set of rare equipment arrived the other day for service. I’m told it will not interact with a synteziser.

Hagström Patch2000 guitar and Ampeg Patch2000 service
The rare Hagström Patch 2000 and Ampeg Patch 2000

Here’s a picture of the Ampeg pedal hooked up for testing and calibration.

Ampeg Patch 2000 pedal service and calibration
The Ampeg Patch 2000 pedal undergoing some service

I could not find anything wrong with the Ampeg pedal, though it did need a new calibration. The old electrolytic capacitors will also be replaced.


2 Replies to “Ampeg/Hagström Patch2000 service”

  1. I have a similar Hagstrom Patch 2000 guitar. No pedal. I wonder if you can make an interface to either MIDI or VCO synthesizer with it.

  2. Hi Jamie.
    I’m sorry to I’ve got no solution to offer you. I guess one could build a clone of the Ampeg pedal. Now I’m not shure but I think one of the IC’s is a a dedicated for that circuitry, Id have to check that out.
    An idea could be checking with people on different synth forums, maybe the’ve got an idea of an interface that could work.

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