Laney Klipp100 modified

Laney Klipp100 amplifier after modification. The master volume pot was a mod already made. It now holds a switch for channel selection, a 6,3mm jack for remote channel switching and indicating leds for each channel.

Laney Klipp100 front panel
Laney klipp100 front

Back of the amplifier. Bias pot, bias measuring points , effects loop with send level pot and a gain switch.

Laney Klipp100 back panel
Laney Klipp100 back

Here’s an image with the channel switching circuit board installed using optocouplers .

Laney Klipp100 channel switching
Laney channel switching

A closer look at the gain switch mod and the effects loop.

Laney Klipp100 Gain switch
Laney gain switch

Here’s an image of the bias pot with measuring outlets and the transformer for the channel switching circuit,

Laney Klipp100 channel switching transformer
Laney klipp100 power


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