Guyatone Rolly Phase Sonix PT2

Finally found the time to finish this phaser. Replaced the electrolytics,  adjusted bias for the fets and it sounds as good as new. I really like the off board wiring done to it. Shielded wires for everything in the signal path. 

The opamps have sanded but they are all seem to be LM1458:s. 

The bypass switch is a nice, non-clickinging type. Never encountered them before. It’s not wired for true bypass.

The pedal works of a 9VDC battery but also have a DC jack, though the circuit uses +/- 4,5VDC from the power source so it can’t be daisy chained.


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  1. Hi,
    Just found your website. Great stuff.
    I picked up a Guyatone rolly phase sonic on eBay. The footswitch works, turns effect on & off, but the LED is always permanently on. Can I ask is this the same on yours? I was told by the seller that this was meant to be the case but there are videos on YouTube we’re it definitely turns off.

  2. Hello, trying to repair one do you have any pics of how the jacks are wired? The output switching jack has fell apart and I’m trying to replace it. Do you have a schematic? I can’t find one any where. Any help would be amazing! Thanks and have a great day!

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