Vintage Vox Wah-Wah

Saving a vintage wah pedal.

A vintage Vox wah pedal giving no effect. The pedal had the jacks, bypass switch and the potentiometer changed before it was sent to Zeta Sound.

Vintage Vox Wah

Has the number 250.049 at the bottom lid as the only identification about what model it might be.

Vintage Vox Wah

The bypass switch was replaced with a new DTDP switch, although wired wrong. Got it rewired correctly, but the pedal did not give any effect. The problem was the new potentiometer, too much heat when soldered had caused the wiper soldering lug to lose its contact. By taking the pot apart and reattach the rivet it could be saved.

Vintage Vox Wah

Rewired with a new battery clip installed.

Vintage Vox Wah

Also replaced the old 4,7uF capacitor, for some reason it had a non polarized version.

Vintage Vox Wah circuit board

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